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connect class (subheader)
Come discover your place at Hickory Withe!



Connect Class is a 3-week class designed to help you learn about our
church and how you fit in. This class is for all new members of the church as
well as current members who still need assistance connecting. The class is
also open to non-members who are interested in the church.

Connect Class meets for 3 weeks on Sunday mornings at 9:00am in the
Conference Room. The class is offered starting the first Sunday of each month.


Week 1 = What We Believe
We’ll be walking through some of the foundational concepts of what it means
to be a follower of Jesus. Many people have very little understanding of what
it means to know God, how to read the Bible, how to pray, what worship looks
like, what biblical church membership is, and what discipleship is.

Week 2 = How We Function
We’ll look at all the activities of our church as well as all the various ministries
of our church. We’ll even tour the facilities to ensure you know where to go!

Week 3 = How You Connect
We’ll examine the responsibilities of a church members as well as the
importance of serving inside the church and outside the church. You’ll be
given the opportunity to select a Life Group to connect to, a ministry to serve
in, and service opportunities in our community, nation, and world.

Contact us through our email or call 901-465-8043 for more information
about Connect Class.